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Do you want to reduce the effects of Stress in your life?
or the lives of other?

Do you want a greater sense of Calm and peace?

Do you want more Clarity?

Do you want to Build your holistic business using the power of meditation to create a positive effect to transform the lives of people around you in just 6 weeks?

Download FREE Self-Care Workbook


Goddess Meditation Circles


Safe Space in our Studio to connect, gather and empower each other in our Be YOU tiful Goddess Circles.

Bringing Meditation in a new creative way.

Empowering you in your daily practice with tools of Meditation, Movement and creativity.



Nuture YOU!


Monthly Mini Retreats and 3 day immersions for your Mind, Body and Soul.

Themed retreats for Mums or Mum and Teen retreat incorporating Meditation, Journals, Essential oils, crystals and picnic lunch.

Meditation Education

Enrol in one of our  MBE 

Meditation Teacher Training Courses

Start with the Foundation course and then specialise in the area of your choice.

Learn at home in the comfort of your own home attend our Zoom Masterclasses and submit assignments via our Learning Hub. 


Attend our Face to Face Workshops at our Beautiful safe studio.

You can feel it within and you know you are meant for more in this world.  

Do you ever wonder,






How can I up level my life to inspire, encourage and help others?

Maybe you meditate daily and you know the benefits you receive and you think if only I could get others to understand how it can help them. You have this yearning to help others. Maybe you have never even thought of sharing it with others as a career.

 What is a collective?

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective. This is our aim with Meditation Circles, we all come together and work as one. 



Maybe you feel you haven't mastered Meditation enough yet to help others

A daily practice is where it starts and each day you learn a little more about yourself and meditation. One day at a time, one circle at a time.

Maybe you think you don't know what it takes to be a teacher?

Our teacher training helps you learn all the skills you need and the Teach with me Practice sessions give you all the confidence to step and start teaching.





I don't know what it takes to start my own holistic business!

Maybe you have thought and dreamt about your own business for years and just don't know where to start.

I am Jodie and here at Creative Meditation Collective we want to help you become the most confident, inspired Meditation teacher you can be. 

In my own life, I have been there so confused how to help my daughter suffering form Anxiety, disheartened because what sort of mother am I or can I be when I can't even calm myself, listening to the so called experts send your child for this test and that and I have discovered the tools that can make a huge difference in transforming the chaos to calm and I want to share that with you. Because lets face it, we mums need to feel it first so we can pass it on to our kids.


Meditation Class

What's on


Meditation Teacher training       

next group starts 6th March

Virtual class room and Zoom Sessions 


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