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Our Story so far.....

Our third Daughter had very high anxiety so we went on a journey to find safe, holistic tools to help her learn about her anxiety and how to live a normal happy life with it.

I found Mindfulness and Meditation and this was a great way to calm her mind, we found yoga, this also helped her body feel calm, we journaled our thoughts and emotions,  then we found art and this combined her mind and body and made a huge difference, Maths became Art, English and spelling became art. Using all these tools and understanding what anxiety was and that it is not a weakness, the break through came when we combined ART and Meditation.  This combined all of our tools and many more into a process that she could then put into place in her own life when she needed it. Giving her back the power to live a full, happy and creative life. 

I felt I had to share what I had learned to help other tweens, teens and their mums overcome Anxiety, stress and process the emotions in a fun creative mindful way and create a daily self-care practice for themselves. Meditation comes in so many forms, not just sitting on the floor in lotus position. The fun journey is finding what suits you the best or what you love the best. 

We started creating handmade papers, process art and journals but our little home studio was not big enough to share our love of Meditation, Art and Journals. So we looked for a new space, a place we could come together, a safe nurturing fun place, we were not afraid to make a mess, tear some paper and laugh....... move....... and enjoy our Moving Meditations.

The Bookmaker Studio was opened!!!!

The next step was to share with others the tools and techniques of Meditation and Creative Meditation Collective is just that, a place to learn all of the tools and techniques of Meditation and become a Meditation Teacher with our Creative Mind Body College so you to can share the benefits of Meditation with the world. 

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My Vision

I am a Self-Care Empowerment Coach and my goal in life is to empower Mums worldwide to start and commit to a Daily Self-Care Practice to connect with their Mind, Bodies and Creativity.

Discover who they are as themselves, we are all mums, wives, partners, career women, but who are we deep down inside, who are we to want to fill our cup to keep giving the most we can to our beautiful families.

We are so special, unique, brave, loving, supportive and caring to all our loved ones and it is time to give back to ourselves so we can unlock the passion, creativity and reignite the fire within and live the life of our dreams. The life we were born to have.

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