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Empowering our Kids

To give our kids the tools to empower themselves to live the best life, the life of their dreams, a life that they can control their stress and anxiety, a life where they have the power to be who ever they choose to be and not be held back by anything. This is my dream what is yours?


Mindfulness Club

A safe space where the kids can come and learn the tools in a fun way. 

The tools to calm, the tools to empower them. 





Meditation Workshops

The world is so fast paced and we need to stop and take the time to just breathe. 

We need to learn how to meditate. 

The kids don't need to sit in lotus pose for hours on end, they can do moving meditations, they can do mindfulness meditations.

The secret is to just Be....

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Chakra Kids

  • Learn what Chakras are and how they can help you. 

  • Locate the Chakras in your body

  • Discover your Chakra SuperPowers

  • Meet the Chakra Kids and learn how they can help you.

  • Learn Yoga poses and positive affirmations to balance your chakras

  • Learn about the Happy place meditation and draw it.

  • Share with your family and friends

Teen Yoga &
Leadership Program

Our Eight Level Curriculum pathway allows our Teens to be consistent and effortlessly share yogas physical and philosophical based practice together to maintain an emotional and physical well-being. 

Our Teens have a safe space to meet, explore and reflect on their daily lives. 

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