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The Full Story


We run workshops for journal making and Creative Arts Therapy.


Journal Workshops

We make books!!!

Make a handmade book to Journal all your thoughts in. 

Junk Journal Workshops 

Memory Keeper Journals

Daily Creative Journals

Altered Books

We have the perfect Journal making workshop for you.


Journaling Workshops

Once you have made your Journal what's next?


Learn to Play in your Journal with our Journal with me workshops or Learn to make Fodder to embellish your journal in our Journal Journey workshops.

Want to get started?

Start with our 30 Day Journal in June Challenge, this challenge is designed to start a 5 to 10 minute habit to start journaling everyday.


Paint workshops

Abstract art is about the process to discover how you feel when you are creating. 

We do workshops to learn the process and expressing your emotions. 

Making messy papers for your journals or painting on a page in your journal, it is all about how we get there not the end destination.

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